understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, as you understand this and give all attention and Power to Life – and that does not mean that you should give constant attention to It all day long, but at intervals give direct conscious attention and the Call to Life to continue in Its expanding activity, take command of your mind and body and cause you to do the perfect thing that you should do – then as quickly as you can, stop going to your friends!

Stop looking for directing intelligence from outside! Turn to your “Presence”. Call It into action and let Its Wisdom and Power direct you; then you will not make mistakes.

If at first, when you begin to do this, you should make a mistake or two, do not be dismayed, but go on and on in that Mighty Call and soon you will find all mistakes cease.

The reason for mankind’s mistakes today – suppose ones give forth an idea to a thousand people and they take up that idea, if later that idea is found to be a mistake, then a thousand people have made mistakes through accepting that idea of one individual.

Do you quite understand how far-reaching this is!

That is why I suggest to you that you stop listening to human opinions and listen to your Presence, the “Mighty I AM” for direction.

I say to you, that if you will do This earnestly and sincerely, you will find flowing into your consciousness and mind the Full Power of the Wisdom that is there, and when an emergency appears before you, you will immediately know what to do to govern, harmonize and control the condition.

There is no condition in the World today that cannot be remedied by This.

I say to you, as you will give attention to This, you will not need Me or anyone else to say to you or to show you how Great is that Truth.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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