understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Messengers have, a hundred times in the past six months when conditions arose that seemed not to respond, They would stand on the floor and with their hands to the “Presence” say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’! Stop this thing forever! It shall not go on!”

Not once was there a failure of response.

Therefore, Dear Ones, I want you to see how you are in authority in your acceptance of the Presence of Life, and I know there is not one of you that would want to misuse that, because you know you have to pay the penalty if you do.

Therefore, in all kindness, but such firmness, draw forth that Power to dissolve all discordant conditions. Call the “Presence” – you gentlemen who are in this room, think of it, what would it mean if you but called the Light Rays from your “Presence” – to go into Washington and reveal all treachery and deceit there – and in your city as well, for it is closely connected with Washington – and cause to be dissolved and revealed all these things.

Soon mankind would be afraid to attempt those things, because they would know mankind would discover it, and that is the thing that makes the opposition to This Work.

They know It is True, and It is one day going to reveal every particle of the treachery, and that is why they want to dispose of It.

I thank you, Gentlemen, for this opportunity to talk with you, and may you feel My Hand in yours; and may you feel My Great Power of Divine Love enfolding you, and My Strength and Courage which is limitless, charging your feeling world, that in any emergency, you may be reminded that My Hand is in yours, and My Strength and Power are there to bless you.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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