understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I want you to know and cite you this one instance. In Oakland, California, there was a Christian Science practitioner who had these two friends. The man drank to excess; not always, but sometimes he became very ugly to his wife.

His wife was a very close friend of this lady and she was there when he was in an ugly mood. He raised his hand to strike his wife, and she – of course it was anger as well as protection – but she said: “Stop!” and she released such a power that the man fell senseless to the floor, and it was hours before he came to.

She was frightened terrifically and thought she had killed the man, and when he came to, he was a changed being and he feared her from that time on, and he never drank again.

You see, the terrific force she released in the protection of her friend shattered the vicious thing that had accumulated and grown with him, and probably it was one or two entities about him that were intensifying that desire. She shattered that and disconnected them through that terrific force which she released.

Some have discovered that mankind in the human form is a thunder bolt, but that is a great mistake. Of course, to release such force with anger – but I am sure that the Great Law would forgive that blessed one for the service that was rendered; it disconnected him from that condition which would have been his destruction – but that is not the right use of those conditions. That was an emergency and was released without consideration.


Today, you in the use and Power of these Light Rays, may produce service as great or much greater in a perfectly harmonious manner.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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