understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you realize, Gentlemen, that when you are very sad or depressed that it is just like you draw in – like that, and you not only shut off the flow of the nerve fluid through your body, but you shut off the greater flow of that Light through your body.

You know, if your muscles contract in your chest or arm, how in a few minutes it begins to ache, doesn’t it? Don’t you see the attention of that has shut off the circulation, because pain is congestion and nothing else. There could not be pain in the body without congestion at that point.

It is the same when you are tremendously depressed; you close in, like that, and everything in your body tightens; and if you saw, in your feeling world, this tightening comes before it acts within the physical structure.

Gentlemen, you know at any time when some sudden thing confronts you, a tremendous fear seizes you for a moment, how your face grows white! Do you not see that that is a contracting thing that even shuts off your circulation?

On the other hand, when you have violent anger, how the blood rushes to your face and the other parts of the body with tremendous force. Why?

Because it is the action of Life in defense of Itself. You do not know that, but it anchors in the feeling that it must do something to defend Itself and releases that Power of instantaneous circulation.

The evidence is before the whole world; but mankind do not analyze. They do not try to find out why these things are so; but if they did, they would see at once the two activities – one causes you to contract and recede, the other to release greater power.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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