understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want you to feel, Gentlemen, how accurately Saint Germain and Those Great Ones are able to determine. They pay no attention to your mistakes or your words or the things that you do, but They watch your Light within, which gives Them the accurate determination of the position that you stand in today to the Light. You see!


Therefore, that is the only important thing to Them.

Can you imagine with Me for a moment Their Rejoicing when They see within individuals that Light just steadily and steadily expanding like that? (motion of hand)

Do you know, Gentlemen, what discipline and training mean to the individual?

I cite this because it is so very marked. You know of the Mounties in Canada, you know something of the severe training and discipline they go through. Well, a number of those great men have turned to this Light and that discipline will turn into the obedience to Life which will make them a tremendous power. (Applause)

You see, the other Nations of the Earth, most of them have had quite severe discipline, but the Americans have gone sort of free; in one sense, a very marvelous thing, but when it comes to certain training or discipline, it is a little more struggle for them.

But if they will turn on steam enough they will have a tremendous power, because of the freedom which has been theirs.

Now these are the conditions that exist, and you of America need to bring yourselves into greater discipline to Life, greater obedience, because Gentlemen, I am sure there are a great many who still do not believe that your Higher Mental Body or that We know every thought and feeling that passes through you.

We have to!

Therefore, don’t do anything in secret that you would not do before the Great Masters. (Applause)

Then you will naturally give such beautiful obedience to Life that the Expansion of your Light and your Freedom will come so quickly that your Happiness will be complete. And Gentlemen, is there one in this room that does not want happiness?

Bless your lives, mankind must have it.


Not a thing in Life can find its action without Happiness, and Happiness is the great motive Power which enables Life to flow forth in so much greater degree than is ordinary.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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