understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now look, Gentlemen; now let us compare this with yourselves, so you have it vividly. Why are you here? Because of the Light within your own Heart that has drawn the attention of the Great Ascended Masters to you; otherwise, you would not be here.

For instance, even though sometimes individuals come in to sort of investigate, quietly questioning, and sometimes critical, yet, why are they here?

Do you not see that it is because the Light within their own Heart is impelling them on, in spite of their intellectual attitude? That is why all the activities of Life are so practical.

I tell you, Gentlemen, I stand before you a Eternal witness to This Great Law of Life. That day when Life permits Me to stand forth in My Tangible Body, which I am calling for constantly – I am determined to draw forth from the Source of All Life that permission, because of that Service that this good Brother rendered Me – to stand beside Him in My Tangible Body and shatter forever the vicious falsehoods and doubts that have spread concerning Him. (Applause – audience rising)

I thank you Gentlemen, with all My Heart, and remember, just as you rise to the defense of This Great Truth, so are there thousands and thousands and thousands in America today who will rise just as instantaneously to the defense of your America! (Applause)

I say to you, Gentlemen, that in the Understanding of the “Presence of Life” is the one and only condition that can bring about the balance of the Nations!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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