understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Minute Men of Saint Germain, I trust that sounds as beautiful to you as it does to Me. When you have associated with Beloved Saint Germain as long as I have, since My Ascension, then you will know that your love and trust is not misplaced in any way.

I say to you Gentlemen, and our Beloved Friends from Canada, be so firm in your denouncing all falsehood spread about This Work or this good Brother, who has rendered such a Service already. If He never lifted an ounce of energy again toward mankind, He would have rendered the Greatest Service ever on this Earth. I want you to know that!


That service which He rendered to Me, can you feel it for a moment, all That has meant to Me?

I want you to see, in repeating again something that I have already said several times, that when in India the unascended Master gave Me that fragmentary information, that on a great mountain in North America I would meet that Man who would assist Me to My Ascension.

The lad that I was, can you believe it, it never occurred to Me once, there was any question about It. I accepted It, and I marvel today how I did accept It so completely. You will see how fragmentary that information was.

There are many large mountains in America, but it never occurred to Me that I would not be directed to the right one; and although the search was long, and the human often became discouraged, yet, at each time – and I am saying this for your strength and benefit – each time the human became the least weary or discouraged, always from within – and of course, since I know it was from the Light within My Own Heart that blazed forth in the physical, and with Its Strength and Energy, that sent Me forth courageous again.

I tell you, I know of no Greater Joy in all the Service that it is My Privilege to render, than to relate to you My Experience that has meant My Freedom.

Gentlemen, you are standing in the same position today. While you were not directed as I was, now I know the reason for that Great Master coming to Me was because the Light within Me had expanded sufficiently, although I did not know anything about it, to draw His attention to Me.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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