understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, Beloved Ones, We have observed among the Students and all who take that great calm determination, like a great throbbing power, surging in and through them, they win every victory so quickly, that they, themselves, are ofttimes astonished with the speed and power with which things are achieved.

If they had allowed the human, it would have said: “Oh no, Oh no, you cannot do that.”

Only recently – it was seemingly a small thing, but I watched the whole operation, and frank to say, gave some Assistance. When the Blessed One took this place and bought it, then went to put up the Words “I AM” in neon lights, they said it could not be done; it was out of the area for which that advertising could be done.

She said: “It is not advertising; and since when has mankind come to the point where the Name of God cannot be put in light?” Still, it could not be done; but is was done. (Applause)

And through that, Blessed Ones, those city officials came and saw and heard. Now when falsehood is spread to them, then they will say: “Run along little one.” (Applause)

Every conceivable falsehood had been spread to those officials about This Work, even to depravity; but when they came and saw that magnificent meeting in the dedication of that Temple, they knew the falsehood of everything that had been said; and the very man who had refused it at first said: “In the Name of God, why didn’t you tell us what this was?” (Applause)

Therefore, I say to you, Beloved Ones, don’t ever acknowledge that there is a single thing impossible for the “Mighty I AM Presence”, through you today. There is not.

I tell you frankly, there is not one thing impossible if you will stand your ground in the face of all human opinions; call your “Presence” into action. It will clear the decks and bring the action you require for your Victory. That means in your commercial world, as well as anywhere else.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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