understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is why We stand ready. Oh, can you feel with Me for a moment how ready We are? Oh, to think of it! Bob and Rex, Nada, Pearl, Myself and the Rayborns, who have so recently been set Free – My Dear People, can you imagine Our Determination, Our Desire to give you and fire you into that Full Power that is yours to be free and join Us so quickly.

Don’t you think We would be right there, the first Ones to grasp your hand? Don’t let human conditions bind you, or hold your attention – not one moment longer. Stand in the Glory of that “Great Presence of Life” and let It do for you whatever It wants to do; but in your Call – It only needs your constant firm determined Call.

Now I know many of you have questioned within yourselves at times, “Why this continued Call, if the “Presence” is All-Powerful? Why cannot I call once and then stop?”

Is it such a wearisome thing to want to call for your Freedom? Oh, My Dear Ones, most surely not.

If you fell and caught your garments on a limb of a tree and were hanging there, wouldn’t you call for help? You would not get tired of calling for help would you; and sure enough, it would come.

So will your Eternal Freedom come by your great Call to the “Presence of Life” – and you won’t have to be hanging on a tree either.

Therefore, I say to you Beloved Ones, with all the Joy and Enthusiasm of your Hearts, continue to reach up in your feelings. Watch your feelings and compel them to follow your attention!

It means everything in the world.

Those feelings have got to follow your attention; and if they do not, in order to bring them back into line, say: “Come on here! Don’t you dare lay back there! You get into action!”

Then it will know you mean business.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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