understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you not see, Beloved Ones, how every activity of Life is natural, and is absolutely as accurate as anything mathematical or in your mechanical world today. When you engineers put your engines together and you have your last bolt in place, you know that that engine is going to run.

Let us bring it a little more simple. When you are over in San Francisco and you get into your car or on a ferry, you feel very sure of getting home. You give the full confidence to that conveyance, and yet, we do not give that same confidence to the greatest Power in the Universe, Our Life, to give us perfect health and sustain it, to give us Almighty directing Intelligence that we never make a single human mistake; because we accept the appearance world as real.

We let its destructive limiting powers continue to act in our world.

Beloved One, don’t do it, I plead with you. Don’t give power to outside things or conditions. It has no power except your life feeding its radiance into that to give it power to reach you.

To Me, I think that is one of the most magnificent things, Beloved Ones, to think that not a thing of all mankind’s creation, limiting or destructive, can reach you except you give it your attention. Then it must come back to you on the Light Ray which you send out through your attention. Think of it!

Then when you know you can control your attention and keep it from fastening upon those destructive limiting conditions that come back into your world, that is why I said to you in the beginning, there is no condition in the outer world that has one solitary thing to interfere with any one of you, so long as you give your attention to the “Presence” of Life and keep it there and cast out every human thing.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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