understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, when the Messenger has so earnestly described this to mankind, then foolish ones go out and sneer about the most Sacred Thing in the Universe, and about One whom they are not fit to tie the laces of His shoes. That is how I feel to your Beloved Messenger. (Applause)

That is why, Beloved Ones, you can pour forth so great a Love to those two most Precious People, your Messengers. If They did not pour out that great honest sincere Love, do you think the love of humanity would come back to Them as it does? It could not and would not.

Therefore, when someone says to you, They are not living the Law, tell them to shut their mouth, and don’t mince words when you say it. That is the way to shut away from your world the destructive thing.

Many times insane people, because of ignorance, will say those things. Be discriminate, of course; but I tell you, you must be firm against that thing that would deprive you of all that Life wants to give you so much.


You talk about human love, you talk about Divine Love; you talk about human powers, you talk about Divine Powers; where does it all come from – from the smallest to the greatest? Through that Stream of Life and Energy.


Beloved Ones, beating your Heart is the greatest Intelligence and Power in the Universe.”


Remember, that while I am voicing these words to you, I am charging My Feeling of Victory into your world. If you will accept It with all the joy of your Heart, and call for your “Presence” to sustain It, there you will find Its Full Power going into action to assist you to that same Goal.


There may be a lot of things for you to do before that Goal is reached, I cannot tell you. It might be tomorrow, but who should be concerned, except to leave the Wisdom of that action in the Power of your “Presence”, who knows when, where and what the perfect thing is to do for you.


Your “Presence of Life” alone knows what is the Right Thing for you, and to be done for you.”


Beloved David Lloyd



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