understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My purified physical body continued to ascend into the upper air, as far as His hands would reach; then He let go, and I continued on until My feet were perhaps fifteen or eighteen or twenty feet above His head. There I stood in the atmosphere seemingly just as firm as you stand upon the floor.

For a moment My eyes left Him, and looking upon Myself, I saw the transformation taking place. I saw that all appearance of age had left My body; My clothing dissolved into that of the Garments of the Higher Octave.

Then as I stood there looking back at Him with such Gratitude, as never in Eternity will be expressed by anyone, you will never know how I longed to draw Him forth with Me; but something within Me knew that he had a Service yet to render.

So Beloved Ones, it was months before I dared to come near Him, because of My uncontrolled Gratitude. Then finally both He and I were able to control It, and I came forth to remain His Champion through Eternity.

Today, remember, Beloved Ones, while this Service rendered Me was very powerful and rapid, that same service is being rendered you today in a less rapid activity; but as with Myself, who of you shall say what your “Presence” will do for you; but I say to you, do not ever be fanatical.

Oh, in the great calm Understanding of Life, with the Power and Action of Life, give your great calm Adoration and hold your mighty Determination, that the Power of Life will do for you, every instant of the day, all that It may or is possible to be done for you.

That is the position to take to the “Great Presence of all Life”; then the greatest possible service will be done for you in the quickest possible time.

Oh, Beloved Ones, We stand, while here in this physical building, in the Octave of Light, in the Octave of the Ascended Masters; for This has carried Us There. While your outer sight does not cognize it, yet, are We there in reality.

Hold that, Beloved Ones, and know that every word I have spoken to you is the Truth of Life.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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