understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, Beloved Ones, when He reached to give Me a drink of water, in His hand came that Crystal Cup that I had sought for all those years. Can you imagine with Me for one moment the effect? I was electrified in every cell of My being with a Power Indescribable!

Then what happened? After about fifteen or twenty minutes after having drunk that liquid which filled the Cup before My eyes, then We sat down on that same log and I told Him what had happened to me in India, and how I had made that search through those years. Then He, like an innocent child, said to Me: “Well, what am I supposed to do?”

Then watching the Action of that Mighty Inner Impulse pour through both of Us, he said: “What am I supposed to do?” That Great Inner Power surged forth through Me, and I know now, spoke through My own “God Presence” and said” “Ask the God in you who does know.”

Such Power was released that His whole human self receded out of the way, and the Great Light from His “Presence” came down until this body and arms before you, were such a Blazing Light you could scarcely look into It.

When these hands here before you reached out and took My Hands, that Mighty Power surged through My Body as the Great Unfed Flame, sweeping, sweeping out of My body every impurity that remained – like one mighty sweep; then My feet left the Earth.

You cannot describe such things, you cannot describe the feeling that was in Me. The Messenger was so charged with the Power and Light of His “Presence”, I am sure He had no thought at all.

When I realized that My feet had left the Earth, then I knew all that had been said to Me was a Mighty Truth, of which I comprehended but very little.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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