understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When I think of Our Attainment and Freedom, and then I see the indomitable Courage of the Messengers to face a world of humanity and be untouched, unaffected by the scoffing, sneering, unbelieving mankind, and then to reach a Goal like this – My Dear Ones, it should be the Eternal Strength and Encouragement to every human being that touches This Work.

But see, They stand dauntless before the World and carry That Light and Its Power and Strength with that Invincible Power. (Applause and audience rising)

I add My Love, My Joy and Enthusiasm to yours, and say to those Blessed Ones – BRAVO! Go on and on until mankind is Free. (Applause) Thank you, Beloved Ones.

Now Beloved Ones, as I continue, please follow Me closely. Every word I say to you shall be the Living Eternal Truth through My Own actual Experience. I want to take up the Final Goal, because so many are reaching out so earnestly for their Freedom in the Ascension in this embodiment.

When I met this good Messenger on the side of Mount Shasta, with very similar thought to His, I thought I had met someone out on a hike when I saw Him sitting there on the log, before He saw Me.

Think of it! Little did I dream even then how near My Goal was. Follow Me closely, Beloved Ones – God within you, the “Mighty I AM”, charge you with the full feeling of these words.

When I looked upon Him sitting there, little did I dream for a single instant that That was My Goal; that within the hour would come My Freedom.

Think of it! Beloved Ones, this is no idle talk, but My Own actual Experience with Him; and let the whole World deny it if they like.

I stand the living proof of that Joy, Freedom and Gratitude to Him for that Eternal Everlasting Service.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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