understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I will try to find words that will convey into your feeling world the Full Power which I feel, to assist you to once and forever shut out of your feeling world, all destructive suggestions from whatever source they come; because you are moving in an atmosphere of those suggestions, and if you are just a little below par, you are very apt to accept them into your world.

But it is quite a different thing when somebody comes up and pokes it at you; you can stop that fast enough if you want to. But this fellow that is moving around in the atmosphere, he is not so easily detected. So call your mighty discrimination into action to stand guard.

Oh, My Dear People, Oh, don’t you understand that you have a Higher Mental Body that will stand guard over you with a Power that is inconceivable?

You know how a mother guards her child, or parents; your Higher Mental Body has a thousand – ten thousand – times the Power to guard you; and all It asks is that you give attention to your “Presence” and then keep harmonized, and It will move anything in the world out of your pathway and give you the Happiness and Freedom.

It is All-Powerful.

Dear Ones, think! Beating your Heart is the Greatest Power and Intelligence in the Universe; and your Higher Mental Body is the Director of those Currents of Mighty Energy that will dissolve anything in God’s World, either of your own creation or anything that attempts to intrude into your world.

You are not subject to anything but the Freedom and Power of your “Presence”.
Oh, My Dear Ones, please see and feel that with Eternally Sustained Power.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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