understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, you are constantly moving in a sea of human suggestions, unless you call the “Presence” to hold invincible that Tube of Light about you, that you do not accept a single suggestion from the outside.

You are constantly being catapulted by those suggestions; and plenty of them will come up and say with a sneer: “Well, if you are an ‘I AM’ Student, why don’t you show the proof of the Law?”

Tell that individual to shut their mouth and go about their business. That is what you want to be strong enough to do.

Those individuals are just claws of the sinister force that want to drive discouragement and disappointment at you. You might be, within the next hour, within the Victory of the Achievement if you did not listen to that suggestion.

You must be strong enough to withstand those things.

Just as when the Messengers returned to Los Angeles, and those pretending to be 100% Students were nothing but spies moving among the Groups, spreading that poisonous breath, yet many of those students listened to those things until it nearly ruined their chance for Freedom.

Don’t be fooled by those things, Beloved People.

If you love your Life, your “Mighty I AM Presence”, and if you love Saint Germain and the Teaching He has brought forth, stand by It and do not listen to anything that would spread discord in your world, even if you have to take by the nape of the neck and throw them out. (Applause) That is how firm you must be, Beloved Ones.

Sometimes a little physical force is of great assistance.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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