understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We, who have been set Free, were fortunate, because Life had provided for us sufficiently that We were never even concerned about financial supply; but there are other things much worse than that to contend with.

So if you have a little sense left of financial limitation, it might have been something much worse; because there are other conditions of Life not so easily conquered as that.

But there is not one earnest sincere “I AM” Student in America or the World, who will take five minutes three times a day and call to the “Presence” of their Life, the “Mighty I AM”, to release from Its Treasurehouse, that will not have it done without limit.

It is the Law of Life, and cannot be denied if your feeling is undivided in your Call for its acceptance.

I want you to feel you are not dealing with an uncertainty; you are dealing with the Greatest Power in the Universe that cannot and never did fail you.

If it seemed to, you failed yourself. Don’t ever blame Life; don’t ever blame your Application; and don’t ever blame yourself because of some feeling that was acting there – because you were unaware of it, you would hardly blame yourself for it.

But face about and call the “Presence” into action to take out of you any obstructing feeling – set you free right now.

That is the stand.

Now Beloved Ones, none of you is an exception to this. Every one of you is being set free by this activity, remember you have got to stand guard over your feeling and self-control; and if you will do that, you will see so entirely the vast change that will take place.

Don’t let the appearance world around you believe it has anything to do with you and your freedom – financial or otherwise.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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