understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now the very curious thing – and I marvel at it even yet – in this embodiment which was one with yours, strange to say, Beloved Ones, I never knew what it meant to be inharmonious.

As I look upon mankind today since My freedom, I can scarcely comprehend how it could be; and yet it was. It was the same way with Mr. and Mrs. Rayborn, and Mrs. Rayborn meeting the public as She did. Of course She had the Presence of Saint Germain in all the latter part of Her great career; and in meeting those conditions, not one discord entered Her world.

Think of it, Beloved Ones! Why is it different with others of mankind?

Now notice this, because it bears upon the success of every one of you. Why is it?

I know many of you have said: “Well, why do I have to struggle when those individuals just walked away free?” Don’t ask Me, ask your Life; because I don’t know. Unless I would enter into your Life Stream and see, I would not be able to know; but your Higher Mental Body does know.

Therefore, beloved Ones, since you were released last night, is My reason for bringing this to your attention so vividly tonight; but whatever your requirement is, remember, it is worth a million times any or every effort that you would make toward Self-Control and Harmony, to gain your Goal quickly.

Oh, do not be dismayed by the conditions I mentioned in Europe or the conditions that exist in your own America today. I say: “What has that to do with you?”

When you stand One with your “Great Presence of Life”, you will rise in the Powers of that “Presence” and not a thing of the outer world can touch you, limit or deprive you of a single thing.

The outer conditions of the world have nothing in God’s World to so do with an “I AM” Student who is earnest, sincere and honest.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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