understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now notice, Beloved Ones, two things: First, in standing steadfast with your “Presence” in your Calls; and then, shutting out forever all human suggestions, discord of every kind – you would reach your Goal so quickly, you would be astonished.

Now you as 100% individuals, must surely mean what you say; and what the rest of the world does about you should not be the slightest concern to you.

You, who reach your Goal, must stand alone with your “Presence”, shutting away every human suggestion and discord; and in your mighty Call to your “Presence” let Its Mighty Currents of Energy flow in, through and around you, and out into your world to harmonize.

No one single human thing shall disturb you when once you really do that.

You cannot do it just in the intellect; you have got to do it in the feelings, Beloved Ones, with great intensity, according to your individual requirement, in order to have that Goal reached very quickly.

But look again, I cite you to Our Experience. My Experience required but steadfastness toward the Goal. Mr. Rayborn, think of it, only the few years – a little more than three years – that He reached His Goal, mostly an Inner impelling action.

Rex and Bob, Nada and Pearl, children filled with the happiness and fullness of youth, whose Light was strong enough to shut away human desires – They too reached Their Goal in an inconceivably short time.

Don’t you see by that, Beloved Ones, that one shall not judge? Even you shall not judge when you shall reach your Goal, or how quickly. How could you do it?

Don’t you see that any feeling within you that says to you: “Oh, how could I reach My Freedom so quickly?” – don’t you see you would be your own obstruction if you allowed such a feeling to act within you?

Therefore, don’t allow your feelings for a single moment to limit you in any way; and I do not mean by that, that anyone should be fanatical.

Don’t just say: “I am going to make my Ascension”, regardless of whether you give obedience to Life or not; that would be foolishness, because your obedience to Life is demanded.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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