understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now the need today of mankind is to be careful, because the atmosphere of Earth is charged with human discordant creation, vicious disembodied entities and all that kind of thing in which mankind are moving.

Then if they do not understand that there are two conditions which they must meet, and ignore the lower, then they are not very apt to reach the height.

There are many lives that are pure enough that they are in no danger of contact in the psychic or astral world, which are one and the same thing, which means human discordant destructive creation, Beloved Ones.

The Catholics call it purgatory, but it is one and the same thing. It is from the surface of the Earth to approximately seven thousand feet, and all of this accumulation of the discord of mankind is in that.

If you are an occult student, let Me assure you, that there is no gradation of the astral world. It is in one octave and there is no good thing in it.

Now we have been there and know what We are talking about; therefore, be advised by Those who are free to go where They please and bring you correct, direct information of the activities and conditions of Life.

All that condition, though it be destructive, is wrongly qualified energy of Life, and one day must all be redeemed. Now how do you redeem a thing?

Not by the old idea, but you redeem it by the Power and Use of the Violet Consuming Flame set into action by your own God Presence, the “Mighty I AM”.

That is how you come into your Freedom.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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