understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All these things that the Messengers have taught you are practical. There is no thing in the world more practical; and that is what mankind needs to understand in order to have the full benefit which is intended for them, and they could have.

But unless you will remove from your feeling world and consciousness the doubts and unbeliefs acquired by human concepts, by taking on other human limited concepts, do you not see as long as you reach out and accept the opinions of mankind embodied, you are dealing wholly in human concepts.

Suppose they have a very great inspiration; there is no assurance within their feeling world that is is correct. It might be ever so correct, but still they have not the feeling that it is correct – there is always some question in the mind.

But today, in the Messenger’s Experience with Saint Germain, Myself and Others, He knows absolutely from the Inner and outer standpoint these Great Laws. He knows They cannot and do not fail with anyone who will earnestly apply Them, keep out of their attention and feeling world the limitations and conditions which mankind have created and they seem to be living in.

Now Beloved Ones, as long as you care to go on in your limitations, the privilege is yours; but if you care to listen to the Messengers and believe and try to apply, and by the application prove to yourselves that these Great Laws are True, then you too will know through your own self that They are True!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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