understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is a great joy, and wonderful to realize that so few years ago I stood in a limited physical body similar to yours. Yet today, I am a wholly free Being, a Perfect Being – free from all that has ever bound or limited Me.

Remember, Beloved Ones, all this came to Me through the assistance of the Light which beats the Heart of this form standing before you. Do you realize what that means to you?

If the Light of His own God Presence could release Itself and render Me that Assistance, then what do you think His Assistance and Radiation is rendering you?

I shall call to your attention a thing that has never been mentioned thus far. His Light together with your Beloved Lotus is the Power of the full Ray directed from the Heart of God, the Eternal Infinite Presence of Life.

Those Two together make the Full Power of that Ray which is pouring forth Its Mighty Radiance and Blessing to you and to all Students throughout America and the World. It is acting through the Higher Mental Body of each one.

Then there is no limit to what that Power and Radiation can pour forth to bless you, Beloved mankind, and your fellow Students.

Therefore, in the glory of all you are today, turn your attention, your whole feeling world upon and to the Power of your Great Presence, the “Mighty I Am.”

Then, as you conceive that Goal of Life, your Freedom through the Ascension, think of it – you can give assistance without limit by the Infinite Power of Its Action.

You will say to Me then, these Great Beings, why have They not done more for mankind?


Because mankind drew themselves into the condition which they experience today by their own volition, and therefore, they must come out of that.

In other words, climb out by their attention to the “Presence of all Life”, which alone can bring them out of those conditions with which they have surrounded themselves.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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