understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Beloved Ones, when you are Free and all the pent-up desires for Understanding, for Light, for the Glory of all that your Life meant to you, finds its release, and you can go where you will in your Ascended Body of Light, just as tangible in Its own Octave as your physical body is here.

It is a Finer Substance, it is true, but We can raise and lower the vibratory action of those bodies and make Ourselves Visible to the physical sight or not, as We choose.

It is stated by the Ascended Masters that in the years ahead, there will be many of Them come forth in their tangible visible Bodies to mankind, to bring the great Everlasting Proof of the Words that Jesus said to humanity to bless them forever.

With that Goal held before the attention of all people, it will start the Raising Activity of Life, through their attention; and thus bring the Fullness of Its Infinite Power into Dominion.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, place your attention where you can obtain this Understanding, and your “Presence” of all Life will give It to you.

Try to feel and realize that in the Instruction which Saint Germain has brought forth is the Key that opens the Door to the Fullness of your Infinite Power of Light. Turn your attention There and let the proof of your own “Mighty I AM Presence” come forth into your life and world.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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