understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you remember, Beloved Students, that when you say “I AM”, It is the Fiat of the “Presence” of all life connecting Itself right through your human body, Its Focus in the human octave.

That is what mankind needs to know and feel with all the power of their being.
Then when they call to that “Presence” of all Life, Its Power is released, Its great harmonizing Presence; and all that which distresses you, will dissolve and disappear before the release of Harmony and Light that goes forth to fill your world.

If you will, Beloved Students, understand to keep Harmony in your feelings. Then keep calling, keep calling, keep calling that “Presence” into action, until the momentum is gained, and the Great Power and Energy are gathered into your feeling world.

Then at any moment of emergency, that Great Power would rush forth and the thing would be accomplished, because it is the Power of Light, knowing no opposite.

That is how you can so easily in your Calls to your “Presence”, stay by your Application and become master of your conditions in your world.

If you saw from the Higher Octave how often you accept in your feelings, conditions of the appearance world or individuals about you that are distressing or disturbing or limiting, you would be amazed.

Feelings are acting in your feeling world of which you are wholly unaware until days or weeks later. That is why you must face yourself, keep happiness acting in your world, and then everyone you contact will feel that happiness and return it again to you.

Look Dear Ones, everywhere the Messengers go, people see that great Happiness and know that It is real; and every place they move, the hotels and the halls where their meetings are, and every place they go, are blessed extremely by their presence.

There is not anyone who does not feel the Happiness, the Love and Goodwill that is pouring forth from them. That is Life, the Law of Life, and as you do the same thing, you will find the same thing in your experience.”

Ascended Master Youth

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