understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I wish I might talk to the people who act through the strike conditions and agitation in your vicinity, and explain to them the mistakes of those conditions – how it but causes greater agitation or distress and greater inharmony, preventing the order of Divine Love and Justice to take command of individuals and harmonize them sufficiently for the problems to be governed and solved.

Those blessed people do not know that these agitators are but claws of the sinister force, that are sent to them to get their attention and get them disturbed, so they cannot see and feel and call Divine justice into action.

Their one thought and feeling is irritation and disturbance – just when the sinister force wants – to keep them in privation, because nothing has ever come of it.

The money they are deprived of during the absence of employment, they will never receive; because they were acting contrary to the Law of Life.

If they had utilized that same energy and called Divine Justice into action for themselves and their employer, the problems would have been solved. No one would have been deprived of a dime, and the whole world would have been filled with Divine Love, Divine Order and Divine Justice, the only permanent solution to anything in the world.

Therefore, Beloved People, if only mankind could understand. If there were only those of great courage and energy to go forth and explain This to them, what a transformation would take place in the world of industry, because this agitation has been stirring subtly, cunningly for more than twenty years.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, the solution of every individual problem, the solution of national problems and international problems alone, comes permanently through humanity’s Call to their own God-Presence, the “Mighty I AM”, and remember Those Words.

Nothing in the world is so powerful.”

Ascended Master Youth

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