understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then remember – now I am digressing temporarily, or possibly trying to give you the True Feeling of My experience. You today are in a position, the most wonderful among mankind of the centuries. You have come to know of this “Great Presence of Life”, whose outpost you are in the human octave.

As you come to understand That and know that you can call the Mighty Intelligent Energy and Power of the “Presence” into your physical body and out into your world, or call It to project the Light into your business offices, into your affairs, into your activities, take command of it, harmonize it and produce Perfection and success in that upon which your attention is fixed, nothing in the world can prevent your success and achievement, as long as you will keep your attention off of the human creation about you.

That is the Power of Light. That is the Power of your Life and Its Authority to take command of your activity; and by your undivided attention and the Power of Life, your Power-house, and fixing it upon the Glory of your Achievement, sweeping aside every human suggestion, every human appearance, you will go forth like a rocket to your Goal of Achievement.

Nothing in the world can stop it but yourselves.

Gentlemen and ladies in the business world, if you only understand that you could, every night before going to sleep, turn your attention to that “Great Presence”, call Its Mighty Light Rays forth to take command of your office, your business or activity, and then again in the morning when you awaken, to harmonize and bring everything into perfect Divine Order, Divine Justice, and release from Its Treasurehouse the Limitless Supply through your business which is required, you have fulfilled the Law of Life in the Divine Order It expects of you, and your success would be as certain as you are sitting in this room tonight.”

Ascended Master Youth

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