understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Words just fail utterly to convey to you the Feeling of just what That means, but the best We can do is use the words available, and charge the “Presence” to give you the Feeling which I asked in the beginning.

Then to My utter astonishment, immediately after That Charge of the Touch of His hands to mine became adjusted, then my body, my feet, left the Earth and I ascended as far as His hands would reach. Then he let go and I continued, and of course, in that Mighty Radiation, I had no thought of human qualities, but just watched the experience.

Then as I stood there in the atmosphere, looking down at Him, watching Him, the Gratitude I had that no words or all the volumes in creation could express – there is not such a thing as words to express THAT GRATITUDE – then suddenly I looked down and saw My Body had become as a youth!

My garments had changed into That of the Higher Octave and I stood there clothed in raiment that, as a lad of from ten to fourteen years, I had so often dreamed of during sleep.

I was clothed in raiment of that kind; and yet, in the morning when I awakened, was so disappointed that I found I had to put on My same old garments again, but this time it was real. This time those dreams of childhood had come true.

Those were not dreams, Beloved Ones, those were memories of My experience and activity in the Higher Octaves of Light while the body slept.

There are thousands, hundreds of thousands of people today, who have had quite similar experiences and have retained the memory of things that happened during sleep – some grand and glorious experience; but they mentioned it to someone on awakening in the morning and they said: “Oh, you must have had rarebit for dinner”, and therefore discouraged the individual, causing them to push aside the memory of that magnificent experience.

Beloved Ones, can you believe Me tonight when I tell you, all you do through those human bodies is such a fragment of what you do every night while your body sleeps?

If you could see what Magnificent Bodies you are in! Really, your Eternal Happiness would be sustained.”

Ascended Master Youth

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