understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, just go on and on and on in your Application. Never be concerned, but knowing all the time that your Application is the Power of Light in action, that knows no opposite and will produce in the Wisdom of your “Presence”, through your Higher Mental Body, absolutely every step to your Great and Mighty Perfection.

Don’t you see then, how the most possible is being done for you hourly and daily?
Then that will remove anxiety or the wonderment – “Well, what have I done that I haven’t this Perfection? We have been calling for this, that and the other things.” – which is the human always trying to get your attention onto something else besides the “Presence”.

You will find since this Class, you blessed earnest sincere Students, so much less difficulty in holding your attention to the “Presence”; and you will make such dynamic Application that your answers will come more and more quickly.”

Ascended Master Youth

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