understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now in the cleansing and purifying of the physical body, this is the continuation of this point I want you to grasp, if you will. Mankind have said: “Those individuals have been reached, why cannot we?” That question has troubled many many Students.

Again I said to you, your “Presence” is the only Authority.

Now when your Higher Mental Body sends a Call for a Service to be rendered by Us, It is Authority, and We answer without question.

Now note, the Light, the Higher Mental Body of Mr. Rayborn and Myself made the Call to Saint Germain and He answered.

Now then, My Friends of Light, who shall say among the more than five hundred thousand students of the “I AM” today, what your Call, anyone’s Call to their “Presence” might release and do for them.

I want you to feel that, if you will, with definite Power tonight; but if your Call is not answered, never be disappointed. I mean if you get a feeling a certain thing should be done and it is not done, well then, take your “Presence” as the Authority and be happy and at peace.

Never be disappointed that something has not occurred according to your outer desire. You cannot possibly know what the Powers of the “Presence” see that is best for you, unless you have a very clear connection; and most people today do not have it.

But with the continued earnest attention to the “Presence”, clearer and clearer daily will come your receptivity to the “Presence”, until you will come to hear clearly and definitely Its Direction; I mean through the feeling, for perhaps long before you hear otherwise, you will actually hear through your feeling – so clear and definite, as if you heard the spoken word.

You can do it!”

Ascended Master Youth

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