understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know I cannot help but smile – now this is not speaking unkindly about the Students – but when I have seen instances where the Students would be applying so earnestly, and all of a sudden the feeling would rush in:  “I don’t think I am making it”,  away would go a letter or telegram to the Messengers –  “I think I need help”, when beating your own Heart is the Greatest Power in the Universe.

Oh Beloved Ones, I do not blame you, but I do say to you: “Straighten up your spine, take your authority, feel definitely and all-powerfully when you call your ‘Presence’ into action, It is just as powerfully as anybody else’s Call.”

Abide in It and you will find your world will come into order in so short a time, and you won’t have that wobbly feeling here – you know, uncertainty.

Say, do you know it would be almost better to make a mistake than to get all wobbly here? Really. You know how many times you have felt an elephant stand on your solar plexus?

Where do you suppose that elephant was? That fellow was your own creation, because it is the only fellow that could stand there. It is as true as you live, yet all have had the experience.

You know how all of a sudden you are all gone, and you are shakey and quivery, or something has frightened you – this old appearance world out here, it has gotten your goat! Its your goat and you want to keep it.

So Dear Ones, don’t be frightened ever again at anything. You are the “Presence of Life”, everyone of you – Its Full Power in action, if you but know it.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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