understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Beloved Ones, do not give way any longer to the appearance world. So far as the conditions of the outer world, the great privilege of the Students is to know that those appearances of human creation HAVE NO POWER.

As these Mighty Decrees have gone forth with that powerful Statement of truth, so is it acting in the mental and feeling world of mankind.

Believe it or not, in the world of destructive individuals today, is coming more and more confusion, and less and less trust in each other. You know when you get a pack of wolves fighting each other, they forget to prey upon innocent individuals; and it is so with mankind today.

Those who have sought to limit and deprive mankind, will be in battle among themselves; and mankind will be forgotten long enough to get free.

Beloved Ones, I cannot refrain from trying to convey to you tonight the Power, the imperative need of the use of the Violet Consuming Flame represented there, and that Tube of Light.

Dear People, if you would only believe and call your “Presence” into action to establish that Tube of Light about you, making It Invincible to every discordant thing, and then abide by It, realizing you are the authority that has call It into action; therefore, you must maintain harmony in your feelings in order to allow that Tube of Light to remain Invincible about you.

When you call the “Presence” to do something, It does it; but if you, the next hour or day say: “Oh, I do not believe the ‘Presence’ did that yet”, well then, you have annulled the very thing that you have called forth into action; because you are the authority.

If you only understood that when you call the “Presence” into action, accept It, and do not let your human intellect say once again: “I do not know whether It did or did not do it.”

Your “Presence” never failed you in Kingdom Come, and never will; but you fail yourself by unbelief and your lack of Application.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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