understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, Dear people, today no longer shall deception reign in the feeling world of mankind and deceive mankind. That Power of Light shall go forth to reveal to mankind the truth.

It is a comparatively short time until television will be in full power of action. Why do you suppose it is not out yet? Why do you suppose television is held back like that?

Because the world of mankind knows that when that comes forth into use, they have got to give obedience; and they are going to keep it out as long as they can.

But they will not do it much longer, because the Power of Light is taking Its Dominion, and will force mankind to let go of their selfish purposes to hold mankind in bondage!

I decree this tonight: “God, the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, release Your Power of Light; release this television to the World. Release these discoveries to the World, and let mankind have the blessing and use of them, and be free from the bondage and domination of industries and anything else that holds mankind from the simplicity of Light, which they may have.

Powers of Light! bring forth television in every home, that no longer may deception be practiced in the privacy of the offices of big industries; then shall mankind once again come to know the Freedom of Life, the Joy of Life, the Happiness, the use of what they require.”

So tonight, Beloved Ones, in the Fullness of your own Life, try to call It into action. Refuse any longer to give power to the appearance world; then as you call to your “Presence”, in the great Love and Blessing of your feeling world poured out, It will carry that love and blessing everywhere.

Then coming back to you from everywhere, will come the return of that love and blessing, amplified a thousand-fold to bless you and your Life in Its Activity.

Such is your privilege today; and there is not one that cannot apply This Law to their Complete Freedom.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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