understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You are Beings of Light, for that Light of God, the Master of the Universe, is attached at your physical Heart and gives Life and Action to your world. You are a part of that Light, and you can call forth a greater Intensification of Action into your world, and let It do Its harmonizing Work.

If you do not do it, you cannot have It! Mean business, Dear Hearts.

Why, the calling of your “Presence” into action to produce Harmony, Health and Perfection in your being, to go forth in your world and make your business a success, is the most wonderful business in the world. No business in the outer world will further succeed without the Powers of the “Presence” set into action to produce it.

Every human being and every man of wealth in America today, have given certain obedience to that Law, or they could not have had it. It would be impossible.

You follow the life of men of success, and you will find every one of them have their private offices that no human being in the World enters but themselves – not even their private secretaries; and those individuals have boundless success.

While they would not admit it – not for the world – they go in there and call to God, the Power of Life, to help them achieve. Sometimes, in future life they turn and misuse that power. That is no fault of the Power of Life, but the fault of their wrong qualification.

That is where everyone stands today.

Think of it, Beloved Ones! In all the vast information and explanations that have been given, never in the history of Life has this identical Explanation of the Law of Life been given, until Saint Germain gave It.

Individuals who follow the Messengers around deceitfully claiming to give This Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence” – what a pitiful thing! My God, do they not know that in that deception they are their own failure; and one day, too late, will they see it.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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