understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, let us know and see and feel, Beloved People of America, the Truth of Life; and then set It into action to illumine and bring us the Full Power of Action and Life with which We are connected.

My Dear People, you do not have to remain in limitations and distress because you might have been the cause of generating it. Oh, call on the Law of Forgiveness tonight as you never did before, and determine to stop all qualification that will bring about distress in your world.

Then as you call the Powers of your “Presence” forth, It will flow in and through your body and produce Health and Perfection, and out into your world to produce Harmony that will cause all to love you, and want to serve you for all that is required in your Life for action.

My Dear People, there is not one in your city tonight, whether they have understood This Work or not, if they would just follow these simple Words – this does not require faith.

If they were earnest and sincere and honestly stand – after looking at this Chart – and hold their hands to this “Presence”, Saint Germain God Presence Chartto their Life, call Its Mighty Energy to charge their being, their body with Perfect Health and Harmony, and charge it with the Mighty Directing Intelligence of the “Presence”, and enfold it in the Full Power and Invincible Tube of Light that admits no destructive suggestion into their world, they could then forward in the world in the Power and Victory of that “Presence”, which is Light that knows no opposition.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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