Isis Unveiled: chapter III (The mirror of the soul)

“The development of psychological science has been retarded far more by the ridicule of this class of pretenders, than by the inherent difficulties of its study.

The empty laugh of the scientific nursling or of the fools of fashion, has done more to keep man ignorant of his imperial psychical powers, than the obscurities, the obstacles and the dangers that cluster about the subject. This is especially the case with spiritualistic phenomena.

That their investigation has been so largely confined to incapables, is due to the fact that men of science, who might and would have studied them, have been frightened off by the boasted exposures, the paltry jokes, and the impertinent clamor of those who are not worthy to tie their shoes.

There are moral cowards even in university chairs. The inherent vitality of modern spiritualism is proven in its survival of the neglect of the scientific body, and of the obstreperous boasting of its pretending exposers.

If we begin with the contemptuous sneers of the patriarchs of science, such as Faraday and Brewster, and end with the professional (?) exposes of the successful mimicker of the phenomena – of London, we will not find them furnishing one single, well-established argument against the occurrence of spiritual manifestations.

“My theory is”, says this individual, in his recent soi-disant “expose”, “that Mr. Williams dressed up and personified John King and Peter. Nobody can prove that it wasn’t so.”

Thus it appears that notwithstanding the bold tone of assertion, it is but a theory after all, and spiritualists might well retort upon the exposer, and demand that he should prove that it is so.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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