Isis Unveiled: chapter III (The mirror of the soul)

“We assert again, in full confidence, that there does not exist a professional wizard, either of the North, South or West, who can compete with anything approaching success, with these untutored, naked sons of the East.

These require no Egyptian Hall for their performances, nor any preparations or rehearsals; but are ever ready, at a moment’s notice, to evoke to their help the hidden powers of nature, which, for European prestidigitateurs as well as for scientists, are a closed book.

Verily, as Elihu puts it, “great men are not always wise; neither do the aged understand judgement.”

To repeat the remark of the English divine, Dr, Henry More, we may well say: “…indeed, if there were any modesty left in mankind, the histories of the Bible might abundantly assure men of the existence of angels and spirits.”

The same eminent man adds, “I look upon it as a special piece of Providence that…fresh examples of apparitions may awaken our benumbed and lethargic minds into an assurance that there are other intelligent beings besides those that are clothed in heaven earth or clay…for this evidence, showing that there are bad spirits, will necessarily open a door to the belief that there are good ones, and lastly, that there is a God.”

The instance above given carries a moral with it, not only to scientists, but theologians. Men who have made their mark in the pulpit and in professors’ chairs, are continually showing the lay public that they really know so little of psychology, as to take up with any plausible schemer who comes their way, and so make themselves ridiculous in the eyes of the thoughtful student.

Public opinion upon this subject has been manufactured by jugglers and self-styled savants, unworthy of respectful consideration.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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