understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The matter of strength of the human form has nothing to do with your achievement or the Powers of your “Presence” in Its Achievement. It only means a calm steadfast determination and Call to the “Presence”, keeping yourselves harmonious over a sufficient period until this Energy from the “Presence” begins to flow, unqualified by any discord.

Then you will begin to see take place in your world, transformation after transformation. People who have hated you will suddenly begin to love you. Conditions that have seemed terrifying will melt as the mist before the morning Sun.

Then will you begin to know that the Light, the Energy, the Intelligence that beats your Heart and moves you about, is the simple Commanding Presence of Life and the Authority in your world, and the only Authority there is!

No human being in this World has any authority over another! All should be loving cooperation!

Then the Power of Harmony and Divine Love would be enabled to act through human beings, and all treachery, deceit and deception would vanish from the Earth.

Let Me help you to enjoy with Me tonight that Eternal Rejoicing that We have entered into, that rapid erasing of deceit and treachery from the feeling world of mankind forever.

Oh that day when it ceases to be! When one individual will love another and want them to have the same joy, happiness, success and blessing that they have, then what a World of Ascended Master Blessings and Activity will be on Earth!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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