understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All that exists in the human world today is of human creation; and you would say to Me:  “What about the energy that produces it?”

Oh yes, sure enough, that is the energy of your “Presence”, but acting according to your qualification. It hasn’t done so much, has it, when the energy, if left alone, free of your power of qualification, would have produced Eternal Youth and Perfection in your body, produced Harmony and Success in your world of limitations, achievement in whatever your attention might have been focused upon.

Precious Ones, there is not one of you in this room – and I am not concerned what your years are – that if you would obey a few simple laws, fix your attention upon a goal, a given objective, and hold your attention There, refuse acceptance of the appearance world, hold harmony in your feelings, and call the Powers of your “Presence” to take command of that, produce Its Perfection and hold Its Dominion and charge Its Power of Achievement in that, make successful anything your Hearts desire, and from tomorrow morning, you could start in and build anything, have any constructive activity that your Precious Hearts would desire.


You cannot have a desire without the Energy, the Intelligence and Power of the “Presence”; and if that desire be destructive, would you say to Me, “That is my ‘Presence’?”

Oh, no! You could not say that, although mankind has in the past. They have believed that That was God acting. Oh yes, it is God’s Energy acting, but your Power of Qualification compelled that quality to act upon that Energy.

Oh, Beloved Ones, do you not see how mankind alone are responsible for the limiting conditions which they experience today, and how they could set themselves Free so quickly if they would?”

Beloved David Lloyd

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