understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That Life as you observe here, anchored within your human Heart, never grows weary, never grows old. It just pours forth Itself, and but for your qualification – now notice, Beloved Ones, that is an invisible thing.

You don’t see the act, but your Power of Qualification is a powerful faculty of your being, which is constantly qualifying this wondrous energy that flows into your body, then out through the power of Radiation of Self-Luminous, Intelligent Substance into your world of action.

That is Real! That is the producer; and if you Blessed Ones knew – for It is within you – the power of this hour to release the Powers of this “Presence”, and let It flow forth from you through Its Mighty Power of Radiation, that would harmonize everything that touched your world, and bring to you, as the Students often decree, Ascended Master Friends everywhere to give you the assistance required, no matter what it was.

That is the Power of Life, your “Mighty I AM Presence” acting through you, by Its Mighty Currents of Energy. You do not see the energy pass through the wires or the energy pass in your radio from the transmitter to the receiver, but yet there are those currents of energy.

You do not hear the music in this room right now, but it is there, It is invisible, unknown, but you place a radio here and you will find the music is there.

So in all your activities of Life, the Power that is the producer of everything in Light, is invisible to the human sight; and that is where mankind have deceived themselves, in allowing the intellect to accept the appearance world as the only reality, when it is but the shell.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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