understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Light, in endeavoring to convey into your feeling world tonight That which has meant everything in the world to Me, and is My Freedom today, will you feel with Me during this hour that you may have entered into your world, that you may have charged into your world the Blessings, the full Feeling of the Powers and Freedom which are Mine?

That is My Mission in coming to talk to you tonight.

Remember, only a few short years ago I stood in a limited physical body as yours today, and spent all those many years of searching for that fellow with the Crystal Cup.

Now I want you to feel what this means, for in your search for Light it has been similar; although you did not have a given objective upon which to focus your attention, you will notice, until you came to know of your”Presence”.

Therefore, in all those years in My endeavor to fulfill the fragmentary words of the Master Who came to Me in India, many times, Oh, that weariness which came in that search; yet always there was that joy, that buoyancy and enthusiasm which never waned, not once, no matter how weary I became in the physical form.

And yet the energy, the Life acting within Me never grew old. There was not a sense of growing old, although My hair and face showed some appearance of age, but there was no feeling of age within Me, the same as there is with many of you today.

Even though you may have grey hair and the appearance of age, yet the spirit of Life within you is youthful, buoyant; and so it can be, Beloved Ones.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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