understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Notice this illustration very carefully! If you took hold of the center of this white covering (white canvas floor covering) and lifted it to this height (about five feet), you would draw all the remainder of this with you, would you not? Just so in the substance of Earth.

So it is with those who Ascended today in America. It is like the Great Cosmic Light reaches out, and from that point, is drawing all the substance of Earth, including the human forms of mankind, into Its ascending Vibratory Action and Radiance.

So it is for the other parts of the Earth. From the Retreat in Arabia and from the other places from which they came, there is the same gathering activity, drawing the substance into Perfection once again.

Now, This is a very real, powerful thing for the Earth. Could all Europe and the Orient understand This for one moment, everything would stop instantly and give way before that Great Light and Presence; they may be compelled to.

I cannot speak with authority to you tonight, but who shall say what this Great Cosmic Light shall do? Mankind, who has rebelled so long, has found its Master, and that Master of all conditions is the Cosmic Light.

Therefore, It has said to the Earth – AWAKEN! ARISE! AND SO IT SHALL BE!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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