understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the Cave of Symbols this afternoon, the beginning of the Great Spectacle started. Three gentlemen and two ladies Ascended from There.

Tonight, while the service is going on, even at this moment that I am speaking to you, those five individuals have entered into their Higher Mental Bodies. They are standing There, receiving the Transformation at this very instant!

Try to feel yourselves in their places. Use your imagining faculties and charge that this be engraved upon your memory. Then, every time you have a few moments during the day from your outer activities, return in consciousness to this moment!

Those ascending in Arabia are three women and two gentlemen. Notice, how this carries to you the vastness of all that stands before you and your Beloved America – Our Beloved America!

In Arabia, those came from five different points in the World for this Achievement. At the Cave of Symbols, five of your own American people achieved the Victory this afternoon! That is because of the service which America must render the World.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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