understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Frankly, the most incredible thing that is before mankind today, is the unwillingness to give obedience to Life. The natural desire of mankind should be to give obedience to the Intelligence, the Power that moves the human form about; but such is not the case.

The intellect, being able and having the capacity to draw conclusions of its own, is not always willing to give obedience. Thinking its authority comes from that which has been gathered from without, it deceives itself.

Often, too late, the intellect realizes its great, great mistake!

As your Blessed One has said to you so many times, in the failures before, let us not make the mistake again.

You might not believe that, but I, too, was in the ancient civilization with you; but because the Light within Me compelled certain obedience, and by the simple suggestion given Me while I was still in My father’s care in India – now notice – it started the Mighty Vibratory Action that carried Me forward to the Final Goal.

Think how little it takes to direct the currents of energy, to direct your attention to the Power or the Goal – in fact, both – whereby you may attain your Eternal Glory and Freedom.

I ask you, with the fragmentary information that was given Me, would you have had the courage to forsake all things in the outer world, and if necessary, use all the money you had to try to reach the Goal that had been indicated to Me?

I take no credit to the outer self, which was then the outer self, but to the Light; and I know that definitely was the Power that carried Me forward continuously, when the human would have been discouraged and stopped; still, that Light pushed on, and the human was compelled to follow.

You stand in the same position today. Your Light is surging, surging, surging, for Dominion; and there are hundreds of thousands of people in America today – and I mean by that, those who have not yet touched this Stream of Light consciously – that That Light is surging to find Expression and Dominion through the human form.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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