understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students of the Light, in bringing to you this Radiance of an Accomplishment which is the Decree of Life for every human being that has ever entered a human form, today, the Final Victory of Earth has started – the Great Eternal Victory of Life!

As this Intensification increases, bringing to the attention of the outer world that which most of mankind have thought was incredible and impossible – although before them for two thousand years, has been the Example to the World – yet, the human element of mankind is so filled with doubts, fears, and skepticism, that the wonder is really that mankind could possibly have given the response they have to the Powers of Light; and only by centuries of preparation, could This today have been possible.

You, Beloved Students, and the other Students in America, are those who have been in touch with Saint Germain many times before. Now you are being offered your Eternal Freedom – many hundreds of the Students could have had that Freedom seventy thousand years ago!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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