understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“TODAY, I REPEAT AGAIN, IS THE GREATEST DAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE EARTH, SINCE THE CLOSE OF THE SECOND GOLDEN AGE UPON THIS EARTH! While Our Precious Jesus left the example of one Ascension, today there are ten Ascensions!

Do you know what it meant this afternoon, with your great love pouring out to those Blessed Ones who are Free forever? While your services are going on here, they are being freed.

Tonight, five more – while this service is going on, and the love is poured out to them – will be set Free forever from human limitation!

Oh, do not let your human or anyone else’s cause you for one instant to feel there is anything imaginary about This. It is only too Real and too True.

Oh, that the vast world of humanity might understand that and feel that Truth tonight! It is True; and those who can accept It in their feeling, will find themselves entering into a charmed world of the Glory of the Light.

May I use this opportunity to thank you, Myself, for your great kindness to the Messengers, your great receptivity to the Light and all the Blessings which are yours from Their presence here; and may the Fullness of that Light continue to expand in Its ever-increasing Intensity, until you are fully conscious of your Freedom from all human limitations.”

Saint Germain

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