understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Our Beloved Brother, your Ascended Master Jesus, has one whom He has loved very greatly, since the time of His Ascension, who is in great danger of passing into the activity of the sinister force. Again, I say to you, if only We could depend upon the human of individuals.

If you could believe Our humble, honest, sincere efforts – having passed through all that you will ever have to go through – We know the way; We know the requirements; and if you would allow Us to prompt you and help you, how many pit-falls would you sail over, as it were; But We can only be patient and wait.

Won’t you allow Me tonight in this humble prompting, to give you the Strength and Courage of Self-control in all things, that your Light may expand into the Fullness of its Eternal Glory and your Freedom?”

Saint Germain

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