understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now I say to you tonight, Beloved Ones, and I plead with you so earnestly, do not ever, for one second, give way to the thought or feeling that you cannot make your Application as strong as anybody else, or that you are not having results from your Application.

Don’t let that human feeling which qualifies the energy, longer act in your world. When you make your Application, stand by It and keep right on; then all of a sudden you will see go down before you, every human quality that obstructed the way, for that is all within your feeling world; it cannot be anywhere else to affect you.

Therefore, those who have come to know this Great Presence are the Victory of Light. Therefore, you who are staunch, firm, honest and sincere to the Light, your “Presence” – your Life – are rendering a Service, Beloved Ones, which will stand in the Eternal Record of Life.

You have heard the Messenger say that in the Royal Teton is this great Audience Chamber, where the records of every civilization are written on thin sheets of gold – the akashic records of Eternal Light of the Service of every sincere “I AM” Student in America and the World.

That is an Eternal Record, and that Service is unparalleled by anything any of mankind can do in this World. There is not one service that amounts to but a fragment of what This Service does, that the Great Ones have asked you to render, in your issuing of your Mighty Decrees for the Protection of America and mankind.

That is why, Beloved Ones, if you have ever in this life at least, or any other, wished to render a service, never was so great an opportunity, never was so great a release, from that service rendered as now, and the very little required in holding the balance between Light and darkness.

Won’t you join Me in the release of all the feeling of your being that that be finished here? Wouldn’t that be a record for Kansas City?”

Beloved David Lloyd

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