Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“Faraday, whose name is pronounced by the anti-spiritualists in every discussion upon the phenomena, as a sort of scientific charm against the evil-eye of Spiritualism, Faraday, who “blushed” for having published his researches upon such a degrading belief, is now proved on good authority to have never sat at a tipping table himself at all!

We have but to open a few stray numbers of the Journal des Debats, published while a noted Scotch medium was in England, to recall the past events in all their primitive freshness.

In one of these numbers, Dr. Foucault, of Paris, comes out as a champion for the eminent English experimenter. “Pray, do not imagine”, says he, “that the grand physicist had ever himself condescended so far as to sit prosaically at a jumping table.”

Whence, then, came the “blushes” which suffused the cheeks of the “Father of Experimental Philosophy”?

Remembering this fact, we will now examine the nature of Faraday’s beautiful “Indicator”, the extraordinary “Medium-Catcher”, invented by him for the detection of mediumistic fraud. That complicated machine, the memory of which haunts like a nightmare the dreams of dishonest mediums, is carefully described in Comte de Mirville’s Question des Esprits.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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