understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore tonight, if you walked with Me into the Cave of Light in India where Bob, Rex, Nada and Pearl received their Freedom, it would be but an intensified Activity of This which is your experience tonight.

If once you realize that the Ascended Masters, All-Wise, All-Powerful, can gather from, or draw, for instance – now that you may possibly more clearly understand this – This Power which the Great Divine Director has drawn and gathered you into, tonight, is drawn from the Cave of Light in India.

Does that seem strange or unreal to you? I do not see why it should.

To the Great Beings of all Power there is no time or space. They have transcended that; therefore, that which They draw to Them is present; they but fix their attention upon It, upon the Cave of Light in India, and Its Powers and Activity are present here.

Do you not see the vastness of it and yet the simplicity, yet Its Majestic Power?

That is why unless these Great Laws of Life are put in the simplicity of understanding to mankind, they struggle and struggle and struggle to understand without results.

That is why the Great Victory in issuing that Decree for the Earth, made it a Decree, made it a Commanding Law that These Books and This Information go forth and be held in the simple purity and power by which mankind would have results!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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