understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, Beloved Ones, in that Radiance is the Charged Force called Consciousness of the Ascended Masters, which is the Power acting within that Light, to cleanse, purify, and now watch – for everyone that it is possible, every part possible of their human creation is being dissolved and consumed.

Now to what extent that will occur during the evening, I shall not say at this time, but that is one of the Activities. Another is, that in that Dissolving, Consuming Process is the Release of individuals from time and space.

Now this Activity will go on throughout this Class with Its ever-increasing intensifying Activity.

You have probably heard of the Service rendered in the San Francisco Class. If not, you will. That is Real, Dear People, very very Real, because the Energy, the Activity, the Substance from the Octave of Light is That which is Real!

The human octave is not real, because it is constantly changing. You see it is not. Anyone, even without the understanding, can see how that is absolutely true.

The human about you is constantly under change every moment; but this Great Light which He has enfolded you in tonight is Changeless, Perfect forever, containing within It the Purity, Power and Perfection, not only just of the Principle of Life – now notice – this is not only with just of the Principle of Life, but It is charged with the Power and Activity of the Ascended Masters who know what every single one of your requirements is.

That is how They are able to render this Service, Beloved People, through this Magnificent Radiation gathered in this Class.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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